About Recycled Resources for the Homeless

Recycled Resources for the Homeless is a small nonprofit organization that started in 2008 in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA). The majority of their work is made possible by volunteers and they operate on a zero percent profit margin. Recycled Resources was founded in order to provide a safety net and basic necessities to all people experiencing homelessness in the Northeast Los Angeles community.

Most of the work done by Recycled Resourcesis made possible by the relentless and passionate work of volunteers Their ability to operate programs is made possible from the generosity of our neighbors, local business, and city leaders.  Do not feel the problem of homelessness is so vast that you cannot make a difference so you do nothing; everyone doing something small can have a monumental impact. Please join us. 

Contact Information:


Call: 323-697-0001


Recycled Resources for the Homeless is a 501(c)3 pubic charity and all donations are tax deductible.