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healing urban barrios

H.U.B provides intervention, diversion and re-entry services to at risk individuals, families and communities. We aim to promote self love, self worth, and self recognition through a holistic approach using case management, restorative justice, mental health, cultural awareness and education.
Healing Urban Barrios (HUB) is a vital foundation in the urban communities of Los Angeles that aims to enhance the quality of life for youth and young adults whom are at risk of unhealthy decision making. Our programs cultivate healing and character development by incorporating strength based self- awareness, family re-unification and community engagement. We stand out from other organizations because of our holistic multi-segmented approach, designed to facilitate healing while equipping individuals with crucial life skills. As a result, HUB saves lives, preserves families and restores communities.

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breaking barriers gyrd foundation

he GRYD Foundation focuses on creating safe spaces and providing vital resources and platforms for community members to build trust and healthy relationships with each other and with law enforcement. We do this by partnering with the Mayor’s GRYD Office to help implement key aspects of the GRYD comprehensive strategy, namely Summer Night Lights, Fall Friday Nights, Gun Buy Back and special initiatives. As we are approaching 10 years of Summer Night Lights (2008-2018), we are excited to expand and deepen the impact of this important work!

The GRYD Foundation is building on the SNL legacy by offering case management services for Summer Night Lights Youth Squad. Youth Squad 360 offers supportive services to assist youth/young adults in reaching their goals in life.

We invite you to join us as we continue to create more opportunities for community members and law enforcement to engage in positive activities — breaking barriers and building trust via sports, arts, food and fun!